PRO Medallion light sequence

Device ready for pairing

Device has never been paired with any phone (out of factory). Please use the Game Golf app, and add a new PRO device to connect.

Medallion looking for GPS

GPS found, ready to play

Your medallion got a GPS fix, you're ready to hit the course!

Shot detected

A shot has been detected from one of your tags.

Data transfer

Your PRO medallion is receiving or sending data via BLE, please don't turn it off.

Low battery

Device charging

Device charged

Device is more than 90% charged.


Bootloader mode

Medallion is in bootloader mode:


Simple reset needed

Medallion is charging, and GPS chip is unresponsive. Please reboot the board with reset switch. It's not necessary to perform a full factory reset.

Device already paired

Medallion has already been paired with a different phone, please factory reset your device to pair it again.