Get rid of those dreaded tee shot jitters and stripe the ball down the fairway with confidence. Our OFF THE TEE feature is a robust and easy to use shot analysis tool. Visualize your accuracy off the tee and see your shot tendencies to hit right, left, or straight as an arrow down the middle of fairways through an intuitive graphic interface.

  • Review all of your tee shots together over time
  • Separate performance views by round or by course
  • Enhanced displays for left and right fairway miss percentages, average and longest club distances off the tee, as well as percentage of fairways hit


Every pro says the fastest way to lowering your score is by improving the short game. GAME GOLF’s Approach The Green tool provides valuable insights into your short game performance. Every approach shot is displayed relative to the pin, revealing your miss tendencies on approach in both percentages and yardages.

  • See individual club performances
  • Sort by different ranges such as 50 to 75 yards out or 150+ yards
  • Dive into data from individual rounds on specific courses
  • Review your approach shots aggregated over all your rounds
  • Filter by lie types: tee box, fairways, bunkers or the rough


Ever wonder what your scoring performance was across all par 4’s you’ve played over the past month or year? The GAME GOLF Scoring Insights feature gives you a quick and clean display to see just that.

  • Total Scoring and Putting stats
  • Filter by last round, 3 rounds or more
  • Compare across any groupings of rounds over time

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